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List Description
6lbr-dev Mailing list of 6LBR
Ag-cetic Mailing liste de l'AG du CETIC
Agc-redshift [no description available]
Agc-redshift-internal [no description available]
Agroptimize-all [no description available]
Agroptimize-cetic [no description available]
Annonces Diffuse general information
audit-interne Équipe d'audit interne
Aweurope-all [no description available]
Aweurope-cetic [no description available]
Beacon-all Mailing list for Beacon project
Beacon-prop Mailing list for Beacon project
Bigdatama-cetic [no description available]
Ca-cetic Mailing liste du CA du CETIC
Ce-iqs Public list of CE-IQS
Ce-iqs-cetic Liste interne de CE-IQS
Cellavi-cetic Liste interne de CE-IQS
Cellavi-project Public list for the CELLAVI project
Cetic-internal [no description available]
Commandes Archivage des commandes faites via le secrétatiat
Ctp-cetic liste de diffusion du Comité Technique Permanent du CETIC
Cyrus [no description available]
Departdemathieu [no description available]
Departdevalery cagnotte Valery
Departdezakaria cagnotte depart
Departfaiez-cetic depart faiez
Digitalorthopaedics-analyse-cetic [no description available]
Ds-07-2017 [no description available]
Ecoteam-cetic [no description available]
Ehealth-cetic Liste interne du projet EHealth
Emanuele_naissance cagnotte naissance Emanuele
Epatch-all [no description available]
Escrow-haulogy [no description available]
Fadi-cetic [no description available]
Fleet-cetic Mailing list for Fleet-cetic
Foren6-dev 6LoWPAN Diagnosis Tool Mailing List
Gdpr4you-all [no description available]
Grinding-cetic [no description available]
Hitech Liste informelle de point d'intérêt technologique
Hopla [no description available]
Hub-c-internal Mailing list for Hub-c-internal
Idees-comac-all [no description available]
Inograms-wp1 Inograms-wp1 mailing list
Inograms-wp1-project Inograms-wp1-project mailing list
Inograms-wp2 Inograms-wp2 mailing list
Inograms-wp2-project Inograms-wp2-project mailing list
Inograms-wp4 Inograms-wp4 mailing list
Inograms-wp4-project Inograms-wp4-project mailing list
Inograms-wp7 Inograms-wp7 mailing list
Inograms-wp7-project Inograms-wp7-project mailing list
Iot-03-2017-all [no description available]
Lunch-cetic Liste informelle relative aux repas au CETIC
Mailman [no description available]
Mariagederobin cagnotte pour robin
Merlocat Project proposal
Mhealth-all [no description available]
Micromegadynamics-all Mailing list for Micromegadynamic
Mobits-all Mailing list for Mobits
Naissance-raphael cagnotte naissance Raphael
Ngi-belgium-rw-all [no description available]
Objectiver-core Mailing list for Objectifer Core
Oc-ehealth-ca Comité d'Accompagnement du projet ehealth
Oc-ehealth-project Liste du projet OC-eHealth
Oc-ehealth-reporting Reporting du projet ehealth
Oc-tic-project-ca Comité d'Accompagnement porte-feuille TIC
Oc-tic-project-reporting Reporting du portefeuille TIC
Oscar.cbls-cetic [no description available]
P15-insight-cetic Participants CETIC au projet P15-insight
Paasage-cetic Liste interne du projet PAASAGE
Plateforme-bigdata-all Mailing list for Plateforme Big Data
Pmo-cetic Mailing list for PMO
Prevention-cetic [no description available]
Primaq-all mailing list of primaq-all
Projects [no description available]
Quadride [no description available]
Redirnet Mailing list of Redirnet
Samobi-all Mailing list for SAMOBI
Save-all Save-all
Scientific Discussion sur les aspects scientifiques et recherche
sst [no description available]
Stagiaires Liste regroupant les stagiaires du CETIC
Test-list [no description available]
Tester-list [no description available]
Testx-list [no description available]
Wal-tech-bureau Mailing list Wal-tech-bureau
Wal-tech-conseil Mailing list for Wal-tech-conseil
Wvct2-cetic [no description available]

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