[6lbr-dev] Linux motes.

Randy Graham surfbytes at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 16:06:36 UTC 2014


I am getting up to speed on 6LBR and have some general questions regarding
a system configuration I am looking at.

1. Linux motes.

I have a 6LBR linux host acting as a router for a WSN and have a few linux
motes that sit on the WSN that I wish to be part of a self healing 6lowpan
mesh network.
These linux motes will be out of range of the router, so will need to hop
the mesh to get to the router.

a) Can I run 6LBR as a transparent bridge on my linux motes to accomplish
this ?
b) Or is it sufficient to just use 6Lowpan on the motes ?
c) Is there a better solution ?

I am not clear on exactly what is needed on the linux mote to be able to
hop motes to the 6LBR router.
Of course I know I can run Contiki directly on supported hardware, but I
some of my motes need to run linux.

2. I would like to add Microchip MRF24J40 radio support to 6LBR, where in
the source should I start looking ?
(or maybe it is already done?)

Thanks for any help. I have played around a bit with 6Lowpan on linux and
am really keen to get  a self healing mesh networking going with linux host
and linux motes.


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