[6lbr-dev] Help setting up 6lbr to communicate with the outside world!

Pedro Diogo pedrodiogoum at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 00:01:40 UTC 2014

Hello all!

I'm very excited to use 6lbr, but I'm having some problems.
First, my setup:
I have a couple of Arduinos with Xbee transmitting UDP data using CoAP to
6lbr (RPi). This part is working. However, there is one issue: if I fire up
a CoAP Server on the RPi, it does not get the requests. However, if I send
the data to a CoAP server that is installed on a host connected to RPi via
eth (direct connection), it does get the data. So, what is the problem
here? Why can't 6lbr route the data to itself?
One other issue: I don't know how to fix the connectivity lost issue after
6lbr starts. I've checked
but I did not understand the fixing procedures. I did add CREATE_BRIDGE=0
on my .conf file, but it is still not working.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as this project is my most important
thing right now...

Best regards,
Pedro Diogo
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