[6lbr-dev] Help setting up 6lbr to communicate with the outside world!

Laurent Deru laurent.deru at cetic.be
Thu Jun 26 13:40:26 UTC 2014


I think your two issues are linked : if 6LBR creates the internal bridge 
all the previously configured address on eth0 are lost (this is the 
expected behaviour). So what you have to do is create the bridge at 
startup and 6lbr attaches itself on it. This is done by configuring the 
bridge in /etc/network/interfaces (I see this information is missing 
from the faq), there is a example in /etc/6lbr/interfaces.dhcp.example.

Kind regards,

Le 26/06/14 02:01, Pedro Diogo a écrit :
> Hello all!
> I'm very excited to use 6lbr, but I'm having some problems.
> First, my setup:
> I have a couple of Arduinos with Xbee transmitting UDP data using CoAP 
> to 6lbr (RPi). This part is working. However, there is one issue: if I 
> fire up a CoAP Server on the RPi, it does not get the requests. 
> However, if I send the data to a CoAP server that is installed on a 
> host connected to RPi via eth (direct connection), it does get the 
> data. So, what is the problem here? Why can't 6lbr route the data to 
> itself?
> One other issue: I don't know how to fix the connectivity lost issue 
> after 6lbr starts. I've checked 
> https://github.com/cetic/6lbr/wiki/FAQ#im-running-6lbr-on-a-raspberry-pi-when-6lbr-starts-up-i-loose-connectivity 
> but I did not understand the fixing procedures. I did add 
> CREATE_BRIDGE=0 on my .conf file, but it is still not working.
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as this project is my most 
> important thing right now...
> Best regards,
> Pedro Diogo
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