[6lbr-dev] Output power of 6lbr slip radio

Laurent Deru laurent.deru at cetic.be
Fri Nov 13 13:37:47 UTC 2015


The Objective Function used to construct the RPL routing tree is purely 
based on ETX metric, (more or less the link quality). So it won't be 
directly impacted by the transmission power. However, lower transmission 
power increases the risk of packet loss or asymmetric link and RPL will 
react and adapt the routing tree accordingly. The link quality is based 
on the transmission success rate from the node towards the parent, so if 
the parent has a higher output power, it will not impact the link 
quality from the node point of view.

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Le 13/11/15 10:20, Thomas Hassler a écrit :
> Hello,
> When I have a mesh network consisting of 6LBR and some nodes which 
> have to save power is it possible to have different transmission 
> output powers for nodes and the slip radio of the 6LBR? I.e. that my 
> nodes have a smaller transmission output power than the 6LBR (which is 
> also sending messages to the nodes). Or do different transmission 
> powers of border router and nodes affect the generation of routes or 
> something like that (for example the node thinks that it can send to 
> the border router directly because it receives messages from it 
> directly because it has a higher output power)?
> Thank you,
> Thomas
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