[6lbr-dev] 6LBR crashes when opening "Network" webpage

Laurent Deru laurent.deru at cetic.be
Thu Nov 26 13:07:25 UTC 2015


I believe this bug is fixed now in the latest develop, there was a case 
when you could have a neighbour or a route disappearing while processing 
the neighbour or the route list and the webserver code was dereferencing 
a null pointer.

Kind regards,

Le 17/11/15 13:20, Laurent Deru a écrit :
> Hi,
> Looking at the code, you could have a crash if you happen to open the 
> network page when the MAC address of a neighbour is not yet resolved, 
> and that would happen if you open the network page directly without 
> opening first another page. Your PC will not yet be resolved and so 
> provoke the crash. I'll try to confirm that, and if so, fix it.
> Kind regards,
> Laurent.
> Le 16/11/15 09:21, Thomas Hassler a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I am using the develop-20150825 snapshot but I had the problem with 
>> previous versions too. It sometimes occurs when I try to show the 
>> Network webpage and when the browser is displaying the neighbors. I 
>> don’t have a logfile entry right now but the watchdog restarts 6LBR 
>> and the logfile says there was a segmentation fault or some memory 
>> problem.
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>> Hello,
>> I don't have issue opening the network page in the latest version of 
>> 6LBR (tested with more than 30 nodes). Which version or snapshot are 
>> you using ?
>> Kind regards,
>> Laurent.
>> Le 12/11/15 18:40, Thomas Hassler a écrit :
>>     Hello!
>>     I experienced some crashes of 6LBR when I open the webpage
>>     “Network” of 6LBR (6LBR is running on Debian, I also experienced
>>     it with Ubuntu). The crash always did happen when there were more
>>     neighbors (about 15-20) and the neighbors were shown.
>>     Can someone tell me what the problem might be that 6LBR crashes
>>     sometimes when it tries to show the neighbors on the Network webpage?
>>     Thank you,
>>     Thomas
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