[6lbr-dev] Web Administration SSL/TLS Support?

Ron Segal ron at suretronic.com
Thu Nov 26 18:30:09 UTC 2015

Hi Laurent

Thanks for getting back.  That all makes sense.  I realised after posting that a
solution was relatively straightforward. Good suggestion re Apache and your plan
to change the port to avoid conflicts.  Best wishes, Ron.

On 26/11/15 22:25, Laurent Deru wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> Actually we don't plan to add SSL/TLS support on the webserver of 6LBR. The
> webserver itself is Contiki based and should work on small devices (like
> CC2538) as well as Linux box, and maintaining two different code is not
> feasible. So, your solution using NGINX as a https proxy is a good solution.
> We looked at apache which provides such a functionality out of the box using
> mod_proxy and mod_ssl (Using ProxyPass and SSLProxyEngine).
> You then only need to block the 6LBR webserver port to completely secure it.
> In the next develop I should add a configuration parameter to change the
> webserver port so you don't have conflict between Apache/nginx.
> Kind regards,
> Laurent.

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