[6lbr-dev] OTA using 6lbr

Shantanoo Desai itsmeshantanu at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 30 14:06:43 UTC 2015


I am working on a testbed where I am planning to use Rpi as a standalone 
controlling device that can control the data from the sensor node 
(Zolertia Z1) connected to the USB port and also letting the RPi change 
the firmware of the sensor node wirelessly.

For example, I would like to send a code from a central server through 
WiFi to the RPi and the RPi then burns the firmware code on the Z1.

the nearest possible solution is 6lbr, is there any possible hints or 
suggestions to guide me in performing this task? My aim is that on one 
side of the RPi 802.11 AdHoc mode works which can control the sensor 
node and on the other 802.15.4 works for the sensor nodes and this 
becomes kind of a wireless administrative system.


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